Are there legally operated vacation rentals in Maui County?
An estimated 16,000-plus TVRs may operate legally in the County, many in multi-unit buildings, along with several hundred single family units. They operate legally because they are in an approved zoning district (hotel, business, historic, etc). Those that are not in approved districts and are operating legally, have applied for and received a “conditional permit” that is required to conduct a vacation rental business in a residential, rural or agricultural zoned district.

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1. What is a transient vacation rental (TVR)?
2. Is there a difference between a transient vacation rental (TVR) and a bed and breakfast (B&B)?
3. Are there legally operated vacation rentals in Maui County?
4. What is the difference between a hotel district, residential district and an agricultural district?
5. How are the districts determined?
6. What laws affect the operating of a Transient Vacation Rental and a Bed and Breakfast?
7. What is the penalty for operating an illegal TVR or Bed and Breakfast?
8. How would the proposed legislative bills now before the County Council affect vacation rentals?